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In This Economy, Beware of the Predatory Contractor!

In Uncategorized on June 24, 2009 at 10:43 pm

Since the economy went bad there are more people out there doing jobs they are not qualified for. One of these jobs is painting. Hey listen, everyone thinks they can paint so, they decide to go into business for themselves and make some good money, especially in the summer. I understand this desire, this go-getter mentality, after all, that’s what this country was founded on. But, you as the homeowner, need to beware of these people. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve had to go to a homeowners house to repair damaged walls, remove paint from carpets and tile and just do overall “clean up” and finish painting behind these handyman types or self-created painting contractors. Not only will you be extremely frustrated but you could end up with damaged furniture, unfinished work or just a generally sloppy job! You will also have to pay another contractor to come out and do it right or do it yourself.

So, before you hire Joe Schmoe, ask him/her for references, make sure (s)he has a well-written website, ask for pictures of his/her work and require them to provide their licensing and insurance information. After all, who will pay to replace your paint-soaked couch if this person has no insurance?


Correcting Mistakes

Correcting Mistakes